Oversight of the CSGN initiative was provided by the CSGN Programme Committee (CSGN PC) from 2014 to 2017.

The CSGN PC worked to ensure progress was in line with Ministers’ ambitions, as expressed through the CSGN Vision, the National Planning Framework and other relevant plans, policies and strategies.

The detailed remit of the CSGN PC was to:

  • Identify strategic opportunities where cross-cutting links can be drawn between the CSGN programme and other Government plans, programmes and initiatives to achieve greater progress with delivery.
  • Oversee and monitor (on behalf of Ministers) progress with the development and delivery of the CSGN programme, identifying priorities and setting clear objectives for where and how the efforts of Government, the CSGN Trust and partners should be focused.
  • Coordinate Scottish Government financial and other support for and input to the CSGN programme, in particular oversight of the priorities for grant support for the CSGN Trust.
  • Identify and work to resolve risks and strategic barriers to progress in delivering the Scottish Government’s ambitions for the CSGN.

The CSGN PC was chaired by the Scottish Government (SG) Director for Environment & Forestry.

Also represented on the CSGN PC were:

  • Forestry Commission Scotland
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • SG Architecture & Place Division
  • SG Housing Supply Division
  • SG Public Health Division
  • SG Housing Services & Regeneration Division
  • Transport Scotland
  • CoSLA
  • CSGNT Board

Minutes of the CSGN PC meetings are available on the Scottish Government website.

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