Vacant & Derelict Land

Over 80% of Scotland’s vacant and derelict land (VDL) is found in the CSGN area; in excess of 8,500 hectares across over 3,000 sites. Much of this land is awaiting redevelopment but in the meantime it can blight communities.

The ‘greening’ of vacant and derelict land was reintroduced to the criteria for the Scottish Government’s Vacant and Derelict Land Fund from 2012-13 enabling two local authorities to restore sites to green end uses. We are inputting to proposals for the future of the VDL Fund from 2014-15 and will continue to argue for the inclusion of greening as a legitimate use of the Funds.

Since 2010, 8 projects that address VDL have received CSGN Development funding. Opportunities to raise awareness of the benefits of greening VDL sites and to promote successful projects are also being pursued. Two VDL projects supported through the CSGN Development Fund were showcased at the 2012 CSGN Forum and subsequently published as case studies.

2016 VDL Milestones

  • Greening is retained as an objective in the 2015-16 Vacant and Derelict Land Fund (by December 2015)
  • Good practice and recent experience in greening of Vacant and Derelict Land has been promoted widely across the CSGN area (by 31st March 2015)
  • All sites on the VDL register have been assessed for their suitability and potential for greening and follow-up action has been agreed (by 31st March 2016)
  • All 19 CSGN local authorities have been supported to improve recording of greening potential on the VDL register and/or in local development plans (by 31st March 2016)

Lead Organisation(s)

Scottish Government Housing Services and Regeneration Division, Green Action Trust

Supporting/Contributing Partners

Local authorities, regional Green Network Partnerships, NGOs, A+DS, Scottish Futures Trust, FCS (including Forest Enterprise Scotland) and SNH

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