Landscape Action

The diverse range of landscapes within the CSGN project area is a key resource. Landscapes contribute to social, cultural, economic and environmental values. The benefits of landscapes to society are dependent on their quality and condition. People’s perceptions are also important and there is a close relationship between perception, experience and appreciation of landscapes qualities. There is a need to improve our understanding of these landscapes and to use this information effectively to develop and implement an agreed landscape vision for CSGN which will support regional distinctiveness and quality, lead to the restoration of degraded landscapes and make better links between urban and rural areas.

A landscape audit of the CSGN area and landscape actions were finalised in early 2012.  Following scoping, work on peri-urban guidelines, landscape enhancement and wildness got underway in 2013. SNH published a new Wildness Map in 2014. The areas identified are nationally important in Scottish Planning Policy, but are not a statutory designation. The Place Book Scotland website was also updated, with significant new content, and was launched in 2014. 

Landscape Partnerships are active in the Ochils, Clyde and Avon Valley and Inner Forth and others are in the early stages of development. In addition, the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland has been awarded SNH grant to work with 50 communities in the CSGN to help them develop local landscape objectives.

To deliver our landscape actions, we aim by 2016 to ensure that:

  • Placebook Scotland has been developed to promote awareness, appreciation and debate on the landscapes in the CSGN area.
  • Wildness and other special qualities of landscape across the CSGN area mapped and promoted in policy and practice.
  • Technical guidance has been prepared and disseminated to inform future landscape change in peri-urban areas.
  • At least 2 strategic landscape enhancement projects have been established to complement existing and proposed Heritage Lottery Funded landscape partnership projects.

This work is being taken forward by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

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