Water Environment

The European Floods Directive requires member states to identify areas of significant flood risk and prepare plans for the reduction and management of that risk. Central Scotland contains two major river basins associated with the two major Firths (Clyde and Forth). The development of the CSGN can help address issues of flooding and wetland management associated with these river and coastal systems.

Early effort has been focussed around supporting delivery projects in the Clyde River Basin and Forth Sub-basin District. This has included assessing water corridors and identifying areas where interventions would deliver improvements to river morphology, water quality and create opportunities to improve or create new habitats. Actions are being pursued along the Glazert Water in East Dunbartonshire to remove morphological adaptations that are causing the river to fail the Water Framework Directive. Work is also underway to address the river systems in Ayrshire.

To help improve the water environment in the CSGN area, we aim by 2016 to:

  • Develop 5 improvement schemes to funding application stage.
  • Deliver 10 improvement schemes.
  • Undertake a single catchment green network delivery project in Ayrshire to pilot assessment and delivery methodologies.

This work is being taken forward by the Green Action trust in association with SEPA and other partners.

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