Woodland Creation

To encourage more woodland creation, we have developed the DP25 CSGN Woodland Creation Action Plan in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS). The plan aims to achieve a step change in the rate of woodland creation within the CSGN area compared to our 2010 baseline.

FCS is progressing the action plan through its CSGN Woodland Creation Programme, which the Central Scotland Green Network Trust is currently delivering on behalf of FCS.

From 2012-2016, the CSGN Woodland Creation Programme has:

  • Brought together forest and woodland strategy mapping and data for the CSGN area to identify opportunities for woodland expansion
  • Developed new financial support measures for woodland creation throughout the CSGN in the proposed Scottish Rural Development Programme for 2014 - 2020
  • Overseen the delivery of a baseline survey to establish the contribution woodland made to CSGN in 2015
  • Explored the Woodland Carbon Code as a new funding mechanism for woodland creation in the CSGN
  • Promoted new woodland creation and support for forestry through the delivery of farm based walk and talk events and attendance at third-party events and agricultural shows throughout CSGN
  • Delivered 36 individual farm woodland assessments across the CSGN area to assess the potential for integrating future woodland creation into existing rural businesses; a further 16 assessments will be delivered in 2018
  • Undertaken a communications campaign through national and regional press and relevant industry publications to promote the benefits of woodland creation and opportunities for integrating forestry with farming within the CSGN area
  • Provided initial advice and information to individual landowners wishing to investigate opportunities for woodland creation on their land
  • Produced a CSGN specific fact sheet for the Forestry Grant Scheme and a CSGN specific woodland creation case study
  • Worked with SRUC’s Edinburgh campus to identify opportunities for greater inclusion of forestry within agricultural and other land based courses
  • Worked with third-party organisations to identify opportunities for woodland creation within the CSGN area.

The CSGN Woodland Expansion Steering Group provides guidance for the CSGN Woodland Creation Programme, and is a technical forestry group formed to offer input to project work. Membership of the group comprises private forestry consultants, woodland advisers, charitable bodies as well as farmer and landowners' representatives


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