Location Birmingham

Booking is now open for acclaimed urban trees research conference Trees, People and the Built Environment 3 (TPBE3), which will be held at Birmingham University, on 5/6 April, 2017.

The triennial conference is a unique gathering of built and natural environment professionals, working towards the shared goal of enhancing green infrastructure. It provides an important platform for collaboration between professions and offers new research on the environmental, social and economic benefits of urban trees. This year’s conference focuses in particular on two themes: health and highways. 

The conference is hosted by the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF). Confirmed keynote speakers include: Dr Matilda van den Bosch, public health expert, University of British Columbia; Prof Miles Tight, Professor of Transport, Energy and Environment, University of Birmingham; and Maarten Buijs, Senior Project Manager at Dutch urban design and landscape architecture firm, West 8.

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