greenspace scotland

Location Stirling
Date Wednesday 26 February

This half-day conference is aimed at public sector staff, partners and their contractors to understand the potential of public open spaces for green energy.

The conference is aiming to bring together officers, managers and elected representatives across Scotland working in national and local government, NHS, housing associations, higher education, utilities and others involved in managing land assets.

The event will be the primary forum for sharing the results of an 18 month Rethinking Parks project to understand the potential of public greenspace to host new energy infrastructure and support low carbon energy services. It will also feedback on feasibility work funded through Local Energy Scotland's CARES scheme investigating low carbon energy options in 5 public parks in Falkirk and North Lanarkshire.

Representatives from consultants Ramboll and Locogen together with project partners will be in attendance to present project outcomes and discuss their implications.

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