Ecosystems Knowledge Network

Location Leeds / London
Date 26 February / 24 March

There is growing evidence of the economic and social value of the multiple benefits delivered by the natural environment in urban and rural areas. This includes:

  • Knowledge of how access to natural outdoor spaces improve health and wellbeing.
  • The connections between environmental quality and local economic development.
  • The role of the natural environment in climate change adaptation and resilience.

Greenspace is also a vital dimension of ‘place-making’; providing a sense of identity, common purpose and belonging to residents and businesses.

Current understanding of the value of nature in society is embodied in the concepts of natural capital and ecosystem services. Alongside inclusion of these terms in planning policy, a so-called ‘natural capital approach’ is now advocated by Government and the private sector. This one-day course takes participants to the heart of what these concepts mean for professional practice in planning and development, covering the implications for planners and developers in their day-to-day work and the link with other terms such as green infrastructure, biodiversity net gain and environmental net gain.

This training course is designed for anyone working in planning and built development in the public, private and third sector. Ideal for policy planners, development management planners, planning officers, designers and masterplanners, landscape architects, developers, and all others with an interest in this sector.

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