Do you know of a business that’s going the extra mile to create a better greener Scotland?

The CSGN Support Unit are looking to profile a number of commercial enterprises across Scotland which are embracing environmental activities and actions. In researching this project, we’ve found lots of examples of companies changing their internal practices (e.g. reducing waste and energy consumption), but what we’re most interested in is identifying businesses who have gone the next step and have undertaken outdoor projects to enrich the local landscape or their local greenspace for people and wildlife.

Elements we are especially interested to showcase include:

• Living roofs (turf, extensively or intensively planted, multi-use)

• Flood prevention systems based on living solutions rather than built infrastructure

• Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (rain gardens, swales, permeable paving)

• Grey water recycling (including cisterns for summer irrigation)

• Brown water filtration through reed beds

• Provision of access routes connecting the business to adjacent path networks

• Provision of staff active travel programmes and infrastructure (bike racks, staff showers, travel information)

• Space made available for staff / customer allotments or food growing areas or gardens

• Space made available for staff / customers for healthy exercise in greenspace settings

• Habitat creation or management schemes (particularly where linked to priority species)

Time commitments on the part of the businesses profiled will be minimal, we’ll do all the work and take all the pictures. If you’d like to be involved or know of a business that might suit the project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the CSGN Support Unit.

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