Building on earlier work for Glasgow and Clyde Valley (GCV) Strategic Development Plan, the GCV Green Network Partnership has developed a GIS-based approach to identifying strategic regional opportunities for delivery of the CSGN in West Dunbartonshire. This has been incorporated into the Main Issues Report (MIR) for the new Local Development Plan which was published for consultation in March 2012.

The GCV Green Network Partnership analysis uses a range of Green Network related datasets to identify strategic locations where the planning process and the targeting of resources can deliver multiple Green Network benefits. The approach was recognised by West Dunbartonshire Council as having the potential to identify Green Network Opportunities at a local authority scale. The methodology, and the datasets used, were refined and adapted to reflect West Dunbartonshire’s particular circumstances and outputs produced which identify Strategic Opportunities to enhance and expand the Green Network across the council area. These “hotspots” for Green Network activity are:

1 Renton/Alexandria,

2 Bonhill/Pappert Hill

3 Townend/ Dumbarton Golf Course and Common

4 Milton/Mobil Site

Similar reports have been prepared for and used by Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and East Dunbartonshire Councils as support to their MIRs in some capacity.

GCV Green Network Partnership is currently working with Glasgow, Inverclyde and South Lanarkshire Councils on similar reports and work for North Lanarkshire Council is programmed for the autumn.

The West Dunbartonshire MIR consultation, closes on 22 June 2012.

Further details on the West Dunbartonshire Green Network Opportunities are available on the West Dunbartonshire website.

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