Trees make places work, look and feel better. As well as playing a role in climate proofing our neighbourhoods and supporting human health and environmental well-being, trees can also help to create conditions for economic success. This guide provides decisions-makers with the principles and references they need to fully realise the potential of urban trees.

Urban greening is essential to the delivery of the CSGN. However, 21st century towns and cities need a 21st century approach to trees – one that keeps pace with and responds to the challenges of our times. Trees in the Townscape – A Guide for Decision Makers offers a comprehensive set of 12 action-oriented principles which can be adapted to the unique context of your own town or city to provide a roadmap for trees in a 21st century context:

  • Know Your Tree Resource
  • Have a Comprehensive Tree Strategy
  • Embed Trees into Policy and Other Plans
  • Make Tree-friendly Places
  • Pick the Right Trees
  • Seek Multiple Benefits
  • Procure a Healthy Tree
  • Provide Soil, Air and Water
  • Create Stakeholders
  • Take an Asset Management Approach
  • Be Risk Aware (Rather than Risk Averse)
  • Adjust Management to Needs

Each principle is fully supported by explanations of delivery mechanisms, examples of the principle in practice and links to further references.

The guide was developed by the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) based on over 40 interviews and wide consultation with key knowledge holders in the built environment sector.

The guide ia available on the Trees and Design Action Group website.

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