Our CSGN Photography Competition was new for 2015. Shortlisting took place in May and the winners were announced at the CSGN Forum on 2nd June.

You can view our photography competition display boards with the shortlisted entries and winners.

Our categories:

Greenspaces have a large part to play in the makeup of towns and cities. Greenspace can mean a lot of things. The parks that people play in, pathways that are used for cycling or walking to libraries and schools, the trees that are planted in the middle of a high street, an allotment where local people are growing their own vegetables – that’s just to name a few. They all play a part in helping the environment and making healthy and attractive places for people to live and visit. We asked for the best images of greenspace and green infrastructure that the CSGN area has to offer.

Urban Greenspace in Action Winner – Alisdair Woodburn
Images of urban greenspace or bluespace that are being used.
Open to ages 17+

Greenspaces and bluespaces are significant facets of good placemaking – the planning, design and management of public spaces. They contribute to making a city or a town a better place to live, visit and do business in. There are many forms of greenspace and the benefits they bring are numerous. Street trees and green roofs, city parks and greened cycle routes, each helps to mitigate flooding, improve health and bring nature into cities and towns.

Central Belt Landscapes Winner – Brian Cairns

Images of landscapes from across the CSGN area.
Open to ages 17+

In this category, we are opening up the full riches that the central belt has to offer as your subject. Whether it’s your favourite view out over some greenspace, somewhere that has been on your to-do-list to visit for some time, or what you see around you on your outdoor pursuits, this is an opportunity to showcase stunning landscapes, woodland and other greenspace, rivers, canals and coastlines showing central Scotland at its finest. 

My Greenspace Winner – Emma McBride 
Images of green and blue spaces that you, your family and your friends like to visit and use.
Open to ages 16 and under

For this category, we asked for photos of greenspaces or bluespaces in a town or city setting that are important to children and young people. 

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