Local Authorities

The support and action of Local Authorities are seen as key to the successful delivery of the CSGN.

Through the CSGN Local Authority Concordat, the 19 Councils which cover the CSGN area are committing to:

  • Adhere to the CSGN principles expressed in the CSGN Vision.
  • Embed the CSGN in all relevant policies, strategies and plans - most notably in Single Outcome
  • Agreements, community plans and development plans.
  • Develop and enhance their partnership work to realise the CSGN.

As a National Development within the third National Planning Framework, local planning authorities are required to take account of the CSGN when preparing their development plans and when making planning decisions. SNH continues to monitor good practice in planning for green networks and has provided guidance for local authorities on green networks and development planning.

SNH is also working with local authorities in respect of their Single Outcome Agreements to ensure they understand the role that the Green Network can make in supporting a range of social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Specific actions are set out on the partner’s page for those local authorities which have signed their Concordats to date.

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