Clackmannanshire Council signed the concordant in October 2012 and is supporting the delivery of the CSGN vision for a healthier and greener environment.  In the concordat the Council committed to developing a programme for the delivery of Green Network priorities in Clackmannanshire, taking into account:

  • The actions and priorities set out in A Vision for Gartmorn Green Dam Hub: Framework for Future Management and Maintenance;
  • The actions and opportunities identified within the Green Infrastructure Mapping exercise and strategy, to support investment in greenspace;
  • The actions set out in the Clackmannanshire Local Biodiversity Plan;
  • The actions set out in the Clackmannanshire Open Space Strategy;
  • Development of the Clackmannanshire core paths network, as guided by the Clackmannanshire Core Paths Plan.

The Council actively supports the delivery of the programme of projects and activities of the Ochils Landscape Partnership and Inner Forth Landscape Partnership and assists a number of local action groups.

Clackmannanshire Council is also a member of the CSGN Regional Advisory Forum, where it also represents Stirling Council.

Although the smallest mainland Scottish Council, Clackmannanshire has a wide variety of landscape, from coastal mudflats to the high moorlands of the Ochil hills.

Since 2012 progress has been as follows:

Local Development Plan

The environmental policies contained in the proposed Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan have been developed to support the delivery of the CSGN vision.  The plan includes a Clackmannanshire Green Network policy to ensure that developments, where practical, contribute to enhancement of the network while seeking to promote connectivity. The policy is supported by Green Infrastructure Supplementary Guidance.

Open Space Strategy

The Open Space Strategy (June 2014), which includes the Council's Access strategy, seeks to promote the provision of accessible and quality open spaces and connections, as well as community growing. It introduces the Clackmannanshire standard for green space provision, including community growing spaces and their accessibility, as well as seeking to increase active travel levels.

Core Path Network

Path surfacing improvements have been undertaken throughout the network to improve access between communities as well as into the countryside. These improvements have in part been related to the Council's Safe Routes to School programme.  In conjunction with SUSTRANS, the Council has converted the former railway line between Tullibody and Menstrie into a footpath/cycleway, including the renovation of a girder bridge over the Devon. This a key link between urban Clackmannanshire and the Hillfoots.

Forestry & Woodland Strategy

In concert with Stirling Council and with the support of Forestry Commission Scotland and CSGN, a Forestry and Woodland Strategy (August 2014) has been developed.  The Strategy promotes the development of multi -benefit woodland taking due account of the objectives of the Scottish Forestry Strategy and the CSGN Vision at the local level.  It outlines the issues that are required to be taken into account for woodland felling and planting proposals.

Gartmorn Dam Country Park

This is a significant green asset for the local community and was the subject of a CSGN funded study - Gartmorn Dam Green Hub - and is the oldest reservoir in Scotland.  The study's vision outlines a number of potential improvements to enhance the locality, balancing biodiversity with public enjoyment.  To date, access improvements from the adjoining urban area have been undertaken as well as the installation of a new accessible bridge to create a fully accessible path around the Dam.  The Clackmannanshire Disability Awareness Group has also developed an accessible sunken garden area in the former filter beds.

Ochil Landscape Partnership (OLP)

OLP is a Heritage Lottery Funded project involving national and local amenity bodies and the Council in a series of projects to conserve and celebrate the heritage of the Ochils and Hillfoots. Projects include the creation of the Hillfoots Way from Muckhart to Blairlogie, the restoration of an Ice House, enhancement of green spaces, interpretation, and the training of volunteers in historical research and outdoor works.

Inner Forth Landscape Initiative

The Council is a board member of this Heritage Lottery Funded project which is seeking to reconnect the communities along the upper estuary with the significant cultural and heritage asset which lie along the Forth. Projects which have started or are getting under way include woodland management, historical research, access improvements and the enhancement of natural and built heritage assets.

Alloa Urban Trees

A CSGN funded project carried out with local school, Sunnyside Primary School in 2012/13 enhanced the amenity of open space adjoining an urban section of the Devon Way Active Travel route from Alloa to the Hillfoots. The children planted native trees and shrubs and the project was tied into their school curriculum.