East Lothian Council signed its CSGN Concordat in November 2013.

The council will seek to:

  • Ensure the green network is an integral part of the Spatial Strategy and relevant policy areas of the East Lothian Local Development Plan.
  • Ensure the green network is integrated into masterplans, development frameworks and design briefs for relevant development proposals.
  • Ensure that relevant development proposals contribute towards the provision and/or consolidation of green networks in a proportionate way, consistent with the scale and nature of the development.
  • Support the work of the Lothians & Fife Green Network Partnership as part of the Council`s commitment to the CSGN principles of partnership working.
  • Support attractive, networked greenspaces, both urban and rural, that are easily accessible to people living and working in East Lothian.
  • Support a network of paths for active walking, cycling, horse riding and recreation to support healthy lifestyles and benefit the local economy by providing tourism business opportunities.