Corporate sponsorship

With the wide reaching remit of our work we can help you to build your brand, as well as offer many exciting opportunities to engage your business, staff, clients and customers.

The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) is the largest initiative of its kind in Europe. It spans 19 local authorities and is home to some 3.5 million people, over 70% of Scotland’s population.

The CSGN is an innovative, environmental brand that has partnership at its core. Our role in driving forward the delivery of the CSGN centres on working alongside our many partners to create the scale of work needed to realise the CSGN vision.

Our corporate sponsors can:
  • align their brand to one of Scotland’s national priority initiatives - an innovative, green and inclusive initiative that has strong social, health and well-being, economic and environmental benefits
  • show their commitment to the environment, local communities, improving health and well-being and strengthening Scotland’s economy
  • raise their profile amongst our stakeholders, including influential politicians and policy makers, senior decision makers and the many communities our projects reach
  • become part of a collaborative initiative that not only brings the environmental sector together, but health, transport and housing, all seeking to achieve the integrated benefits that the CSGN brings
  • join us during an exciting and inspiring time for central Scotland with opportunities for staff or clients to get involved in transforming its landscape to benefit others
  • support a transformation in central Scotland that will create real and lasting benefits, enriching lives now and in years to come.

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