Green Active Travel

What are green active travel routes?

Download our Green Active Travel Route case studies here

Green active travel routes create attractive places and journeys for both people and environment. The deliberate choice to combine natural planting or water systems together with paths for people on foot or by bike delivers a range of benefits. From environmental improvements including increased habitat, biodiversity and climate change resilience, to improved health and well-being for people. They can be retrofitted or newly planned, integrating green infrastructure and provision for active travel from the start.



 Existing green infrastructure + active travel route = green active travel route


 Existing active travel route + green infrastructure = green active travel route

Newly planned


 Integrating green infrastructure and active travel together from the start = green active travel route

Green active travel case studies

Five green active travel case studies have been researched and are available to download here.

  • ‘Green Cycle Routes’, Copenhagen: cycle and pedestrian network for green commuting
  • ‘Grünes Netz’, Hamburg: masterplan and strategy for a green active travel network
  • 'Connswater Community Greenway', East Belfast: a living landmark for east belfast
  • 'Greener Greenways', across the UK: a large scale initiative promoting biodiversity
  • 'Little France Park: Creating Connections', Edinburgh: initiative integrating active travel routes within masterplan


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