Greener Gardens

In 2011, the Scottish Government published their Green Infrastructure: Design and Placemaking guide. The Greener Gardens – An Introduction to Raingardens for Developers guide was produced to complement previous policy documents and to give practical tips on incorporating green infrastructure into development.

Gardens are an integral part of the Green Infrastructure resource of a housing development. They can contribute to many of the qualities of successful places identified throughout the Scottish Government’s design policy. Unfortunately, they are also often the last consideration within a development with a comparatively small amount of budget and resources committed to them.

Gardens can also contribute positively to the environmental impact of a development, assisting towards the Sewers for Scotland 3 policy on sustainable urban drainage, and add value to planning applications.

This Greener Gardens guide demonstrates how gardens can become an economical selling point within a development, and how they can contribute towards the measures within the Scottish Government’s guide. It gives details on different options for gardens, their ideal locations for maximum impact and planting advice.

Download: Greener Gardens – An Introduction to Raingardens for Developers

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