A Place to Belong

‘Creating an environment that people can enjoy and where they choose to live and bring up their families’.


  • People want to live here and move here because “...it’s a great place to live...”
  • People feel safe in and have pride in their surroundings
  • People feel that they live in communities, not in isolation
  • People are involved in volunteering and in community action
  • More people taking part in, and appreciating, cultural activities


  • Everyone can use the CSGN to improve their health and well-being through physical activity and enjoying nature
  • The CSGN is a community resource which encourages local pride and ownership and provides opportunities for volunteering, education, training and developing skills

Who will benefit:

  • Individuals as they appreciate good surroundings and feel valued in their community
  • Communities as places become more vibrant and attractive
  • The public sector as the population becomes more willing, and able, to take action.

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