A Place to Feel Good

‘Creating an environment which supports healthy lifestyles and good physical and mental well-being’.


  • People feel good about their physical surroundings
  • More people use and enjoy outdoor spaces
  • Improved levels of physical and mental well-being
  • A reduction in health inequalities
  • A reduction in cases of preventable health problems


  • Creating attractive, safe, and well-maintained green space or accessible countryside within easy walking distance of every home in Central Scotland
  • Significantly increasing the area of land used by the community for growing plants, fruit and vegetables, such as allotments, orchards and gardens
  • Developing a strategic network of high-quality routes for active walking and cycling and recreation throughout Central Scotland

Who will benefit:

  • Individuals and communities as they become healthier
  • Businesses by having a healthier workforce
  • The public sector through having to tackle fewer cases of preventable health problems.

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