The Vision

Published in 2011, the Vision recognises the importance of the quality of the physical environment to the target of achieving sustainable economic growth. It recognises that if Central Scotland is to be successful in encouraging people and businesses to stay in or come to the area, its urban and rural environments must be improved. With increasing levels of personal and business mobility, having a region that is economically competitive with other parts of Britain and Europe has never been more important. The physical environment must and will play a vital role in that competitiveness.

Reflecting the CSGN's position within the National Planning Framework, the vision for Central Scotland is based on the important contribution that the environment can make to the lives of everyone who lives here. A good-quality environment offers opportunities for promoting a sense of well-being and healthy lifestyles, addressing the legacy of vacant and derelict land across Central Scotland, supporting active travel (by encouraging walking and cycling to school, shops or work along green corridors), and working to ensure that all communities can benefit from proximity to well-managed and accessible greenspace and landscape.

Building on what has already been achieved, we are working with our partners to deliver across Central Scotland a high-quality ‘green network’ that will meet a number of environmental, social and economic goals designed to improve people’s lives, promote economic success, allow nature to flourish and help Scotland respond to the challenge of climate change.

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