Forum 2019

2019 Central Scotland Green Network Forum

Thursday 6 June 2019
Hamish Wood Building, Glasgow Caledonian University

This year’s conference was presented in partnership with the Scottish Land Commission and was supported by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Over 9,000 hectares of the CSGN area is classified as vacant and derelict; this accounts for 78% of Scotland’s total. It holds huge potential to help make better places that support health and wellbeing, help boost the economy and mitigate against the challenges of climate change. In addition, by rejuvenating these areas communities stand to benefit from increased engagement and empowerment, tackling social inequalities while increasing local pride and ownership.

Video of Ministerial Address:

Mairi Gougeon MSP

Videos of the keynote presentations are below:

Professor Brian Evans, Head of Urbanism, Glasgow School of Art

Hamish Trench, Chief Executive, Scottish Land Commission

Sandra Albro, Research Associate, Holden Forests & Gardens, Cleveland, Ohio

Mathew Frith, Director of Conservation, London Wildlife Trust

Other videos from the day:

Simon Rennie, Chief Executive, CSGNT

Highlights Video

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