Since 2009, over 3,900ha of new woodland has been approved for planting throughout the CSGN area and this is set to continue with support from the new Scottish Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS).

With funding from SRDP 2007-2013 Rural Priorities, over 860ha of native woodland has been planted, improving the environment for communities throughout CSGN.

1,050ha of new productive woodland will provide economic and social benefits as timber grown in CSGN enters the harvesting and processing chain in the years ahead. Over 1,990ha of new mixed woodland will offer multiple benefits such as improved opportunities for access and recreation; wood fuel production and landscape enhancement.

The figures have been compiled by Forestry Commission Scotland’s CSGN Woodland Creation Programme and highlight the continued contribution of new woodland to the economy, people and environment of the CSGN.

The Woodland Creation Programme was initiated in 2012 to support woodland expansion and develop new mechanisms for planting. The Programme is funded by the Commission and is closely supported by the CSGN Woodland Expansion Steering Group which is made up of private, public and third sector forestry and land management professionals who offer technical advice and support.  

One key area of work has been the development of the CSGN Contribution for new woodland planting through the Forestry Grant Scheme. This is a capital item payment of either £2,500 or £750/ha on top of selected initial planting payment rates and recognises the higher costs of planting and establishing woodland in the CSGN. It is available in addition to conifer, broadleaf and mixed woodland options where new planting will help to deliver the aims of the regional Forestry and Woodland Strategies.

During 2015/16, the Woodland Creation Programme will continue to promote the new Forestry Grant Scheme and the benefits of new woodland planting to landowners in CSGN. It will also continue to pilot projects to support target groups realise their woodland expansion objectives.

Further detail on the Forestry Grant Scheme, is available from the Rural Payments website and from Forestry Commission Scotland’s FGS webpages. For more information on the CSGN Woodland Creation Programme and the support it can offer you, contact Julie Paton, CSGN Woodland Creation Programme Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01698 368546.

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