The Seven Lochs Wetland Park is an exciting new green network project in the N.E. of Glasgow – spanning the Glasgow and North Lanarkshire Council areas. Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership (GCVGNP), working on behalf of the Gartloch Gartcosh Strategic Delivery Partnership  and supported by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund, has published a draft ‘Seven Lochs Wetland Park vision and masterplan’.

 GCVGNP now want to communicate this plan as widely as possible to organisations working in and around the Park, and gather comments and feedback on the proposals and how they can be further developed.

The Seven Lochs Wetland Park vision is:
‘To create a new wetland park of national significance between Glasgow and North Lanarkshire, and to deliver, manage, and sustain a high quality innovative wetland environment that will protect and enhance the biodiversity of the area as a national resource that promotes the general health and wellbeing of both visitors and residents alike, and contributes to the environmental, economic and social regeneration of the area’.

The Wetland Park covers an area of 16.5 sq km. It includes a number of existing public parks and nature reserves which are owned and managed by the two local authorities, as well as land in private ownership. Key elements of the vision and masterplan are;
• improved access to and around the park, including new and enhanced visitor facilities;
• habitat management and enhancement across the area;
• integration of proposed new developments and Community Growth Areas into the Wetland Park, linking built development with the surrounding landscape through the creation of new green networks;
• strong links with existing greenspace and community projects in the area, including green fingers extending from the park into surrounding communities.
Information about the park and the full consultation draft masterplan is available here.  You can also view a short video about the area and the Wetland Park vision.

To find out more, or get involved, visit the link above, or contact:
Scott Ferguson
Gartloch Gartcosh Green Network Development Officer
07891 062 309
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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