TCV has signed its CSGN Concordat agreement with Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT) to develop and enhance partnership working to realise the vision of the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN).

The CSGN vison is to have places that people enjoy and where they choose to live and bring up their families, and essential if we want our communities to thrive in future. Our environment makes a vital contribution to our quality of life, our health and our economic wellbeing. There is an increasing role for communities to play in shaping their own neighbourhoods and environment, and volunteering can act as an important catalyst for community participation.

As a result of the concordat, both organisations commit to a range of actions, including:

  • Developing and enhancing partnership working to realise the CSGN vison
  • Identifying and developing opportunities for joint working, including the identification of sites suitable for TCV employee action days
  • Promoting each other’s activities wherever possible and using our networks to make new connections
  • Using the John Muir Way and Scotland’s ‘Year of Young People’ as a springboard for heightened levels of volunteering activity along this route
  • Sharing our annual Business Plans and to incorporate within these, wherever possible, joint activity
  • Sharing emerging market intelligence with each other to develop new programmes or to protect existing activities
  • The concordat was signed by the Chairs of both organisations at a recent TCV Board meeting, with Tony Crook representing TCV, and Keith Geddes on behalf of CSGNT. Also present, were Debbie Adams, TCV Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland, and Simon Rennie, CEO of CSGNT.

Debbie Adams, said of the concordat: “Working in partnership is a key way to connect people and green spaces to deliver lasting outcomes for both. Supporting achievement of the CSGN vision is beneficial for people and places and TCV volunteers have an important role to play in improving greenspaces for individuals and communities.”

Simon Rennie added: “The board and management of CSGNT are delighted to recognise the importance of our relationship with TCV through the signing of this concordat. Whilst we have worked jointly on a number of projects in the past, we believe there is a lot more we could do together in future. We hope this concordat will stimulate new, joint activity and reinforce existing synergies.”

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