The Glasgow and Clyde Valley (GCV) Green Network Partnership, together with the Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT), have today launched the Planning for Green Infrastructure brochure, providing a guide to exemplar green infrastructure planning policies.

The planning system has an important role to play in safeguarding existing green infrastructure and securing delivery of connected, accessible and well-designed new green infrastructure. This new brochure highlights the key policies to help achieve this.

Launching the brochure, Max Hislop, manager of the GCV Green Network Partnership said: “Green infrastructure is integral to successful placemaking and must be designed in to development proposals from the outset. Our guide is based on the partnership’s analysis of Local Development Plan green infrastructure policies across central Scotland and we hope the brochure will help to improve the drafting of policies for future plans.”

Deryck Irving, acting Chief Executive at CSGNT added: “Integrated and managed green infrastructure is critical to the delivery of successful places. The green infrastructure policies on water management, habitat enhancements, access networks and open space provide clarity to planning applicants about the multiple functions that well designed green infrastructure should provide.”

Visit the GCV Green Network Partnership website to download the brochure

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