‘Good Places Better Health for Scotland’s Children’, the Scottish Government’s latest health report, recommends having well maintained and managed public spaces; creating neighbourhoods which support and encourage children's access to the natural world in their everyday lives; and creating a Scottish Neighbourhood Quality Standard that is used as a standard for neighbourhood asset development.

As the Good Places Better Health project reaches the end of its 3 year prototype phase, Scottish Government has published this report on behalf of the Evaluation Group. The report aims to identify what is needed to deliver places that nurture good health for children. The Evaluation

Group considered three particular aspects of place that were of most relevance to children:

Homes, Neighbourhoods and Transport, and considered for four key health challenges facing children in Scotland: obesity; asthma; unintentional injury; and mental health and wellbeing. The report recommends actions to create places which have a beneficial effect on childhood health and specifically recommends continued support for the Central Scotland Green Network.

Read the full report on the Scottish Government website.

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