In signing the CSGN Local Authority Concordat, Fife Council is committed to:

  • Audit all vacant and derelict land within the Fife CSGN area and examine the feasibility of improving biodiversity and recreation
  • Use the Integrated Habitat Network tool for the delivery of CSGN priorities in planning
  • Promote and support community growing initiatives and encourage the development of rural skills training in partnership with local communities and other agencies
  • Continue to develop and manage routes for public access, including the Core Path Network, Fife Coastal Path, cycleways and the proposed Pilgrim’s Route
  • Finalise new Green Infrastructure Supplementary Planning Guidance for open space and new development planning processes
  • Improve access to life-enhancing green spaces through the implementation of Fife’s Green Space Strategy
  • Maintain and improve access to Fife’s beaches and demonstrate the quality of these facilities through an ongoing commitment to securing Seaside Awards and Blue Flags
  • Deliver duties under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 to further the conservation of biodiversity and adopt the goals of the UN Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020
  • Integrate the Government’s ‘ecosystem approach’ to decisions affecting land use
  • Manage, conserve and enhance the biodiversity and countryside of Fife in partnership with the Fife Coast & Countryside Trust, LFGNP and other partners
  • Identify and protect green networks in key settlements in Fife and identify opportunities for their enhancement through the relevant Local Development Plan.

Download Fife Council's full CSGN Local Authority Concordat


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