In signing the CSGN Local Authority Concordat, Inverclyde Council is committed to:

  • Support the work of the GCV Green Network Partnership as a regional expression of the CSGN principles of partnership working
  • Draw on lessons from the Spango Valley “Integrated Green Infrastructure Design Study” to encourage green network integration at the outset into masterplanning
  • Emphasise the value of the Green Network concept to the regeneration agenda through promotion of the “Area Renewal and the Inverclyde Green Network” document, and the follow-on Case Studies Report
  • Promote the Green Network as a vehicle to achieve multiple aims, notably for access, biodiversity and heritage, both natural and cultural. In the latter respect, the developing Inverclyde Heritage Trail can be seen as an example of good practice.

Download Inverclyde Council's full CSGN Local Authority Concordat

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