Partner Group

The Partner Group is the key forum for CSGN partners to work collectively on the Delivery Plan for the Green Network. It exists to inform and steer strategic planning and decision making and to monitor and report on progress against the current iteration of the Delivery Plan (DP30).

It will be a central player in the development of the next iteration of the Delivery Plan in 2025.

Terms of reference:

  • To inform and steer the development of CSGN Delivery Plans, targets, milestones and indicators
  • To provide a collective assessment of delivery against the Delivery Plan
  • To support the development of CSGN delivery policies/programmes, by members and others, which are realistic, achievable and desirable
  • To identify, explore and support innovation and partnership working in CSGN delivery and, in so doing, to achieve more effective networking and delivery of outputs on the ground

Partner Group membership is made up of CSGN strategic delivery partners including:

  • Key public agencies
  • Sub-regional partnerships
  • Key third sector delivery and policy bodies

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