The CSGN Support Unit see the collection of robust data that can be measured over time as absolutely essential and are setting up a Monitoring & Evaluation framework which will be used to record outputs and outcomes, report on successes and allow evaluation of progress to show the added value being delivered by the CSGN. This will include a database linked to mapping software in order to provide geographic referencing and further analysis of the data gathered.

The system will allow records to be updated continuously and enable information to be extracted in a variety of formats to suit different requirements. The Framework will cover three main areas: partnership, programme and workplan.

The Partnership

Monitoring the development of the Partnership is critical in evaluating the progress of the CSGN. The Partnership comprises of the many national, regional and local bodies responsible for delivering the physical Green Network. The Support Unit will measure over time the degree to which the CSGN is acknowledged and embedded within partner policies, guidance and practice.


Monitoring will focus on the development and delivery of the Network. Working with Partners the Support Unit will develop a suite of case studies to capture the breadth of delivery. In addition, we will also monitor the progress of initiatives and projects supported through the CSGN Development Fund. The framework will also collect data on themes such as tackling health inequalities, building resilience against climate change and enhancing opportunities for active travel.


The Support Unit will use the annual CSGN Workplan to monitor activity by the Board, lead partners and CSGN Support Unit.

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