Creative Green Ideas in Central Scotland Encouraged to Enter Competition

Innovative concepts and projects across Central Scotland are invited to enter a competition to win up to £5,000 funding from the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) Ideas Fund 2016.

Now in its fourth year, the CSGN Ideas Fund supports the development of pioneering greenspace and green infrastructure projects, from concepts in their early stages of research, scoping and feasibility to those further on in the design process which are ready to transform their vision into reality with project development, testing or delivery.

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Green Forum to Celebrate Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design

Glasgow is set to host a one-day conference looking at the pivotal role of artists and designers in creating vibrant places for people to live and enjoy.

The sixth annual forum of the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) will feature contributions from acclaimed designers, architects and artists from across the globe including urban design champion, Wayne Hemingway, international landscape architect, Andrew Grant, and Copenhagen-based architect, René Sommer Lindsay. The event will mark Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

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CSGN Development Fund Projects Announced

18 projects are to share over £430,000 to transform the local environment and add value to the economy, Environment Minister Aileen McLeod said today.

The CSGN Development Fund supports trees, woodlands and green infrastructure, encourage community growing and promote active travel to help transform the quality of life for people living and working in the area.

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Green Cash Boost for Community Projects in Central Scotland

Community projects working to improve their local greenspace in central Scotland could be given a cash boost following the launch of the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) Community Project Fund 2016.

Supported by the Greggs Foundation with £20,500 and the Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT) with £20,000, the £40,500 CSGN Community Project Fund will provide one-off grants of up to £1,000 to support small-scale greenspace initiatives and to foster community engagement in maintaining and enhancing the local environment.

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Scottish Businesses Believe Urgent Action is Needed to Protect Scotland’s Natural Capital

CSGN Business Research - © AB Images Scotland

Almost three quarters of Scottish businesses believe urgent action is needed to protect and enhance Scotland’s natural capital, according to new research from the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN).

Three fifths of Scotland’s businesses are located within the central belt and as Europe’s largest greenspace initiative, the CSGN is working to transform the area into a place where the environment adds value to the economy and where enterprise can flourish.

The survey found that 72% believe action is needed urgently and whilst 84% of businesses understand the importance of local greenspace and in particular an attractive frontage to the business, over half (54%) of those surveyed think the area surrounding their premises which they are responsible for is of average or poor quality.

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Forth Environment Link is Growing a Team of Voluntary Master Orchardists Across CSGN

Forth Environment Link (FEL) is working with Helping Britain Blossom to offer a nine-month (January to September 2016) programme of training and support to start growing a new crop of community volunteers, dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience.

This programme, the Master Orchardist Volunteer Programme, funded by Helping Britain Blossom and the CSGN Development Fund 2015, is all about helping local people create, restore and access orchards in order to enjoy and use for good in their own communities.

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First Minister heralds value of CSGN in World Forum on Natural Capital conference

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, addressed the World Forum on Natural Capital conference in Edinburgh on 23 November 2015.

In her speech she focused upon the work of the CSGN in delivering major environmental benefits across the central belt. She highlighted how the John Muir Way contributes towards active travel, and the value of several projects supported through the CSGN Development Fund such as Castlemilk Woodlands in Glasgow.

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