Central Scotland Green Network

Help for farmers in the CSGN area to branch out into tree planting

Farmers and land managers across the Central Scotland Green Network are being offered free assessments from Scottish Forestry.

As part of a national drive to promote the benefits of tree planting to farmers, a limited number of free Farm Woodland Assessments are being provided.   

Already, 69 assessments have taken place in the CSGN area, resulting in over 600 hectares of new woodland being created. 

A Farm Woodland Assessment gives farmers and landowners a free report detailing potential areas for planting, the forestry grants available, identifies any constraints, and provides valuable information on projected income and expenditure.

The assessments will also advise on future management of new woodland, right up to the first returns from harvesting the trees.

Applicants for a free Farm Woodland Assessment must be within the Central Scotland Green Network area, with an added focus around the Clyde Climate Forest and Forth Climate Forest catchments. 

There are a limited number of assessments available so farmers and landowners are advised to register interest quickly, with the deadline for applications to be in by 31st January 2024. The final Farm Woodland Assessment reports will be issued by the end of March 2024.

To express your interest in a free farm woodland assessment, please complete and return the application form by 31st January 2024 at https://forestry.gov.scot/support-regulations/farm-woodlands

There’s huge interest from farmers and other landowners to integrate trees into their businesses. The benefits are many and can include shelter and shade for livestock, an improvement in biodiversity, a possible woodfuel resource and a future income.

The Farm Woodland Assessments are a great way to have the tree planting potential of a farm or landholding properly mapped out for them, all for free and with no obligation.

Will Chadwick
Woodland Creation Officer, Scottish Forestry