Glasgow City Council Signs Green Network Concordat

Local communities in Glasgow will benefit from a new agreement between the Central Scotland Green Network and Glasgow City Council, which will help to improve the social, physical, cultural and environmental well-being of the area.

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Crowdfunding for Greenspace Projects

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing sites have made their mark recently across several sectors, notably in the arts and technology. The public and corporate worlds are pledging funds or services in kind to get projects they’re interested in off the ground. With more and more of these sites appearing, we’re now seeing encouraging examples of how environmental projects stand to benefit from this social media opportunity.

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North Lanarkshire Council Achievement Awards 2014

North Lanarkshire Council held their annual Achievement Awards ceremony on 8 October at Motherwell Theatre. We were pleased to see CSGN projects highlighted in the environmental category. Both the Seven Lochs Wetland Park and a green space Training and Employability project were showcased in a series of short films, one of which we have here for you to view.

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