Growing Spaces Survey Launched

In this ground breaking piece of research, we are asking community organisations and individuals to literally put their growing spaces on the map.

Members of the ‘grow your own’ community are being asked to complete a brief online survey. Participants will be able to trace the boundary and entrances of their allotments, orchards and community gardens as well as answering a few questions about their spaces.

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Demystifying Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is a term that encompasses quite a broad scope. Its ‘catch-all’ nature is often difficult to define. The UK Green Building Council has published a report which aims to bring together information that currently exists on the subject to provide an easy to use guide.

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Report on the 2013/14 Community Projects Fund

In 2013/14 the Community Projects Fund provided one off grants of up to £3000 to support small scale projects at grass roots level to improve their local greenspace and enhance the quality of the environment. The fund, which was supported by Forestry Commission Scotland, was directed at projects which would benefit and/or engage with children and young people.

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Recognising the Biodiversity of Vacant and Derelict Land

When considering conservation, we tend to immediately recognise designations such as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), country parks, local nature reserves and maybe even sites that have local designations, often called Local Nature Conservation Sites (LNCS) or Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).  There are of course many places that wildlife can thrive away from designated sites, ask any gardener.  But maybe former industrial land is not the sort of location that springs to mind.

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Green Flag Award for Housing Launched in England

The National Housing Federation & Neighbourhoods Green and Keep Britain Tidy recently launched the Green Flag Award for Housing. Following two years of development, the award is now open to housing associations.

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