Central Scotland Green Network

Scotland’s Climate Week Encourages climate action across the country

Taking climate action is essential for the future of our planet. Scotland has set the world-leading target of reaching net zero emissions by 2045. The Scottish Government has also committed to building a more resilient, fair, and green Scotland which is ready for the challenges we face – the current cost crisis but also the ongoing twin crises of climate and nature. To meet challenges of this scale, solutions that address multiple problems are essential. 

The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) is part of that solution. It was first conceived in 2007 and its vision was set in 2011. The CSGN takes a holistic approach to solving the biggest issues facing the environmental wellbeing of central Scotland. The CSGN actively supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, directly contributing to 12 of the 17 goals.

The Inner Forth Landscape Initiative (IFLI)

The CSGN is a significant development of national importance and is a National Development in the National Planning Framework which sets out how the Scottish Government’s approach to planning and development will help to achieve a net zero, sustainable Scotland by 2045.

Developing ‘Natural Climate Solutions’ is key part of our Delivery Plan 2020-2030 (DP30), which presents the strategic framework to create high-quality, multifunctional liveable places and includes a focus on:

  • increasing carbon sequestration   
  • supporting active/low carbon travel   
  • developing the role of greenspace in providing renewable energy   
  • delivering sustainable surface water management using green infrastructure   
  • developing sustainable catchment area flood risk management projects
  • reducing urban heat and improving air quality   
  • working collaboratively with communities to build their capacity and resilience  

Read more about the CSGN’s actions for Natural Climate Solutions here.

Through the support of the Scottish Government and over 80 partners, the CSGN’s focus is to address climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental inequality by connecting people to greenspace where it is needed most.

The journey to net zero will not always be an easy one. But the CSGN, one of the largest and most ambitious green infrastructure programmes in Europe, demonstrates that change at scale can be and crucially, already is, possible.

For more information on #ScotClimateWeek, visit:  https://www.netzeronation.scot/whats-happening/scotlands-climate-week

The climate crisis is already significantly impacting countries around the world, including Scotland. But collectively we can work to reduce our emissions to net zero and limit any further damage. By starting just one conversation with your friends, family or colleagues, you can create a ripple effect of positive actions that could help make the change needed to reach net zero and save the planet.

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